Press: Ana Segurado
1 Jun

Press: Ana Segurado

Ana Segurado has a fantastic relation with the press.
Her latest collection, ´essencial´ has been highlighted on the media since it was presented.
If it´s not the texture of the destroyed denim mixed with the softness of the prints, is her  'cruelty- free' posture that captures the attention of all those who speak of design.
Delicate pieces, but to be used on the street.
For this collection, Ana was influenced by some great women as Yayoi Kusama, Patti Smith, Joan Didion or Edith Piaf.
We were immediately fascinated by her approach to minimalism in pure and essential pieces that at the same time reveal a great richness in texture and detail.
We also highlight Ana Segurado´s latest Dress for Portuguese actress Anabela Teixeira, designed exclusively for the Golden Globes Red Carpet.
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