Thank you for 2016, Have a Great 2017
31 Dec

Thank you for 2016, Have a Great 2017

Dear Clients
2016 wasn´t a brilliant year for the world, but it was a fantastic year for scar-id.
Now that we are at the end of the year, we would like to say thank you for believing in us.
We love to be distinctive, but not yet in our business model.
Therefore, as row as it sounds, we would like to simply thank you for your openness for paying for our products, for our ideas and for the values we represent.
Thank you.
Our job sounds so simple as to make the best product curation and creating the allure around scar-id so the customers can visit our store and get in love with our products, our brands and our taste.
We are a niche store, for our, less than, 1% of worldwide costumers that actually are interested in what we are doing daily.
For 2017 we will follow the same path, by intuition, without program or business plan, without previsions, every day as equal as different, constantly trying to find differential solutions for the new challenges.
We started 2016 with our 'year 3' party where we asked all designers to create an exclusive product to symbolize our partnership. It was an amazing night, where the empty space of the store was filled with people who like design and who like us. We realized that it was possible to celebrate design. The 'year 3' party flooded the national press and guaranteed that scar-id was finally a reference for Portuguese design.
In January we were also referred in printed Vogue, next to Farfetch, as one of the best online stores in the world, strange but great for the ego.
In February the New York Times T: Magazine dedicated an article about Porto as ´Portland of Portugal´ and highlighted our selection of 'avant-garde fashion'.
In March scar-id was a Case of Success for Nós and we launched 'what season ? que estação?', an event where we provoked our customers to think about the time in fashion. We have been a subject in all national publications and we have got the attention of the Parisian Journal des Femmes and a reference in Elle India.
In June, we debuted on TV, in What's Up Olhar a Moda for RTP2.
September was a fabulous month. We helped Chadner Navarro to write a brilliant article about Porto for Bloomberg. In a period with an enormous amount of tourism in the city, the visitors showed up in our stores with their iphones talking about us.
In October we were featured on France on Le Figaro and in Indonesia, through IndonesiaTatler and in November, a Brazilian Customer surprised us on the Instagram with the reference in Vogue Brasil next to Casa de Chá, Casa da Música and Serralves as a place to visit in Porto.
After a fantastic year of press, in December scar-id get a reference on the new Porto Wallpaper City Guide.
Somewhere in the beginning of 2017 we will, like last year, create an event to celebrate design. We do not have a date or a program, but you are already invited,
Thank you for everything.

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