Opinion: about seasons, reguarding AW1617 collections
19 Aug

Opinion: about seasons, reguarding AW1617 collections

Even though officially confronted, they have to deny it, the truth is that all our fashion designers prefer to create Autumn-Winter collections.
We at scar-id chose not to choose.
Those who visit our space realizes that we don´t work with seasons. Winter and Summer products are scrambled in our product display metal squares.
The reasons are simple.
We sell and communicate identity, design and innovation. scar-id's products have nothing to do with trends and novelties. The products are created with other motivations. Often is just the simple expression of the author, or the need to work on a material, a technique, a distinctive design.
Then because scar-id is a reflection of our ideal closet: with no time, shifting layers. Time only helps us to add and remove layers. All our favorite pieces of clothing are with us all year. Of course, on the hottest day of the year we did not wear that warm Coat. But surely, on the coldest day, that fantastic spring sweater is one of our required layers.
Finally because for those who visit us, in store or online, is not fair to just experience the products of the current season.

In scar-id we like to use the term timeless, not because our products will be used forever, but because each product does not end in a 6 months period. Do not go out of fashion, because it wasn´t (only) fashion. It will not damage the end of half a dozen uses. You will not need to be replaced soon.
And even if one day the product became useless, it will definitely stay in the closet, in a highlight place, the same way we treat a piece of art, for the case, wearable art.
By these reasons, in March, during AW1617 fashion weeks, we created the event 'What Season? Que estação?' where across the store we displayed pieces of several seasons and confronted them with the new ones, freshly arrived from the catwalk.
Those who visited us surely wondered.
For the AW1617 collections, we had an International Buyers Showroom for Susana Bettencourt; the collections of Carla Pontes and Filipe Faísca were available by order; we made a press showroom work for all, providing a custom contact of the collections with the media; Inês Marques´ collection was six months with us in 'achive' to be shown to some customers, a will go up to store in September; and our selection of Amorphousare since then available for sale on the top floor, contrary to the usual timing.
But surely it gives us a great pleasure to introduce new products in store, to tell the motivations behind each design, to realize who will be the customer that will fall apart by a material or a detail.
During September, we will present the AW1617 collections.
We wait for your visit.
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