New:  'Coral' Collection Launch . Lia Gonçalves
22 Sep

New: 'Coral' Collection Launch . Lia Gonçalves

For our two years anniversary we ask each one of our designers to create an exclusive product for us, a piece that somehow symbolizes our collaboration.
Lia Gonçalves designed the Coral Necklace.
Eight months later, we proudly present, in exclusivity, the collection developed from this piece.
Next Saturday 24th in the probably most busiest  Porto Art District ´Inaugurações Simultãneas`, scar-id´s corner storefront will receive a site-specific installation made by Lia Gonçalves to present her newest collection.
It will be the first time Coral collection will face the public, after a brief passage through the restrict Precious Gallery, during Bijorhca – Paris
We present you the starting point of the author and the invitation to the presentation of Coral Collection from Lia Gonçalves, a contemporary jewellery design studio.
In store and online is already a first selection of Fashion Autumn-Winter collections.
As usual in all our design events, our amazing partner Quinta das Peixotas is the ideal flavour to accompany design and art in a Saturday afternoon in Porto.
You are invited.
"Saudi Arabia, 1983
From my father's travel photos, I discoverer the origin of the corals at my home. This collection is based on a silver representation of that broken coral, transforming itself in a necklace balanced between the hardness of the line and the irregularity of the planted coral."
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