Event: Bond Collection .TelmaDA
20 Jul

Event: Bond Collection .TelmaDA

There is, apparently, a close relationship of complementarity and contamination between jewellery and architecture in the pieces we present at scar-id.
At a first glance, since most of our jewellery designers have studied architecture, it seems to be expected a preference for rational geometry in antagonism to any kind of organicism. Then, because any product that presents a straight line is, erroneously-mediatically called "architectural". But if the jeweller-architect chooses to bend the form, there will always be room for "difference" as a critical manifest for the discipline.
In fact, for us, such "architecture", if we really want to find it in jewellery, we look for it in the process and in the method, in the coherence, in the choice of the material, in the search of the design-form confronting the human body and the human being as user.
We invite you to a last stop before the summer holidays.
Next Saturday, the 22nd, starting at 16h, we will launch the new BOND collection from TelmaDA in scar-id store.
"The new collection designated" BOND COLLECTION "is once again the celebration of architecture, manifested through an approach where three-dimensionality is taken to another level, but this time through a freezing process. We remain faithful to our own language, where architecture speaks by us through the form but also through the materials. "TelmaDA


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