Brand: Amorphous, M003 Origin collection
24 May

Brand: Amorphous, M003 Origin collection

The contemporary common man lives together with its own existence in the acrimony quest for the day in which he will truly belong to world, and be able to finally glimpse at his equals.
The present Manifesto aims to question the origin of the human being gifted with sensibility, intelligence, moral values and conscience. Opposing the aforementioned ideals and the reality of the fashion industry, it becomes evident that such ideals are nothing more than ephemeral ambitions that few understand, and close to none reach. We are witnessing a growing modern slavery, both faceless and consented. Attending to the interests of major companies of the textile branch, underlies the hypocritical low price campaign that subsequently crush the human rights of those living with no other choice.
Fashion is going through a crisis of values in spite of its exponential economic growth. The success of these major companies is due specially on behalf of those who consume wildly without questioning the origin of what they wear; if it was made with dignity; who did it and in what conditions; is it product of child labour; what was the impact on nature; if the product is indispensable and why is its price so reduced. We are living in a society of manipulated mass thinking where assets are disposable, where the velocity and the disrespect for underprivileged civilizations and nature are undeniable. The ceaseless search for the suppression of need and for the momentary pleasure embraces an indelible heritage.
This unalloyed soliloquy hopes to be the voice for those whose epitaphs can’t perpetuate and express the sad numb reality on the mind of those responsible: all consumers.
"The ignorance that sterilizes and withers is the one that only shows one face of the medal” – Camilo Castelo Branco.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Carla Alves
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