Press: List
9 Feb

Press: List

scar-id store is being featured ,from day one, in some of the most important national and international press magazines, newspapers and blogs.
It has been an honour and a pleasure all the emphasis they gave to us, to our project, to our designers and to our city, Porto.
It´s the reflection of the good work in favour of the design, the culture and the ideas.
Let´s continue.
Thank you all.
“A serene, minimalist space, the store holds an inspired edit of mostly monochrome clothes for both men and women, many by emerging Portuguese designers.” The New York Times Style Magazine
“This modern concept store is rightfully positioned in the midst of Porto’s art district, where it showcases the wares of established and emerging Portuguese designers.” Lonely Planet
“Atribuir-lhe um papel relevante na cultura contemporânea da cidade foi, desde logo, o objectivo dos seus fundadores.” Attitude Magazine
“They opened a concept store named scar-id in the heart of Porto where they show whatever they like: from Japanese inspired  ceramic to urban furniture and their own brand ATER. The mix is unique and worth a visit!Sportswear International Magazine
“Un beau panel de la jeune création portuane en mode et design chez scar-id” Le Figaro
 “Amid the galleries that fill the Porto Art District, scar-id is a treasure trove for Porto-based designs (though some pieces hail from other parts of the country). It’s best if you’re looking for exclusive items, since the shop is often the only retail outpost for a lot of the product lines it carries. Everything from fashion, to skincare, to home decor is represented, but accessories are your best bet.” Bloomberg
“Fresh and exciting is scar-id, a treasure trove of young Portuguese jewellery, ceramics, furniture and clothing.” The Guardian

Portojoia: 30 anos a celebrar a joalharia portuguesa, Sapo, October 2019 (Online)
Portojoia celebra 30ª Edição, Fashion Network, October 2019 (Online)
Porto Beauty Shopping Guide, PrettyExquisite, September 2019 (Online)
Ferro: no novo bar do Porto, a ver os comboios passar, Público, July 2019 (Printed and Online)
Colecção de Susana Bettencourt na scar-id store, Jornal T, April 2019 (Printed and Online)
Peças do Mundo e designers nacionais na renovada Vicent, Evasões (Printed and Online)



Casa Vicent, PortoConVida, November 2018 (Online)
Vicent by scar-id: a nova loja do Porto com Design 100% Nacional, Visão Magazine, August 2018 (Printed)
100% ModaPortugal, T1, Ep.07, SIC Notícias, April 2018 (Television)
Desta rua nasceu um Bairro, Visão Magazine, March 2018 (Printed)
Lonely Planet, January 2018(Online)
Digital, Cruelty Free and Organic, Roof Magazine, January 2018 (Online)
scar-id store tem pré-venda de Ana Segurado, Jornal T, Janurary 2018 (Online)
scar-id store, Attitude Magazine, November 2017 (Printed)
Porto Fashion Week´s Night Out, Delas, September 2017 (Online)
Criadores Nacionais com Descontos na scar-id store, Vogue, September 2017 (Online)
Guia Porto Convida, June 2017 (Printed)
Retailer to Watch, Sportswear International Magazine, June 2017 (Online)
Pronta a Levar, Saber Viver, April (Printed)
Estreia, Elle Portugal, April (Printed)
Acessórios Minimal e sem Género, Roof Magazine, March (Online)
Scar-id lança marca própria, Vogue Online, March (Online)
The countries to watch for new talented Emerging Designers, Vogue Italia, Fevereiro (Printed)
What´s Up Olhar a Moda, RTP, Janeiro (Television)
scar-id store em Alta na Vogue, Jornal T, Janeiro (Online)
scar-id store faz parte da alma do Porto Art District, Jornal T, Janeiro (Online)

Porto Wallpaper City Guide, December 2016 (Printed)
Dop, Porto, Vogue Brasil, November 2016 (Printed)
Cosmetica Portuguesa, com certeza, TimeOut Porto, November 2016 (Printed)
Porto: Europe´s Newest Must-Visit Shopping Haven, IndonesiaTatler, October 2016 (Online)
The New Heroes and Pinoneers, October 2016 (Online)
5 Motivos Pelos Quais Tem de Conhecer a Made In Youthland, Elle, September 2016 (Online)
Porta gait sa ´movida`, Le Figaro, September 2016 (Online)
Porto is Europe´s Hot New Shopping Capital, Bloomberg Pursuits, September 2016 (Online)
O Inverno dos Novos Criadores, TimeOut, September 2016 (Printed)
Lojas Fortaleza, Elle Portugal, September 2016 (Printed)
Postcard from Porto, Elle India, June2016 (Printed)
Alexandra Moura e Pedro Pedro em exclusivo na scar-id, Elle Portugal, May 2016 (Online)
Alexandra Moura e Pedro Pedro, ModaLisboa, May 2016 (Online)    
Noticias Magazine, April 2016 (Printed e Online)
Journal des Femmes, March  2016 (Printed)
Saber Viver, Agenda Fim de Semana, March  2016 (Online), “What Season?”, March  2016 (Online), “O fim da moda como a conhecemos agora em Portugal”, March 2016 (Online)
Lux Woman, “De manhã na passerelle, à tarde na loja”, March  2016 (Online)
Elle PT, “scar-id e designers portugueses no novo ciclo da moda”,March  2016 (Online)
Vogue PT “What Season?”, March 2016 (Online)
GQ PT, March 2016 (Online)     
NOS, Casos de Sucesso, March 2016 (Online)
Vogue PT, March 2016 (Online)
Time Out Porto “loja scar-id lança colecção exclusiva”, February 2016 (Printed)
New York Times, T:Magazine, February 2016 (Printed and Online)
Epicur, “Uma mala com o nome de Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Look to Impress Blog, “Filipe Faísca cria carteira exclusiva”, January 2016 (Online)
NIT, “ A nova carteira de Filipe Faisca é unspirada em Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Publico LifeStyle, “Filipe Faísca cria uma mala em homenagem a Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Activa, “Filipe Faísca cria mala exclusiva em homenagem a Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Vogue PT “melhores lojas”, January 2016(Printed)
Elle PT , “Filipe Faísca homenageia Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Lux Women, “Filipe Faísca homenageia Bowie”, January 2016 (Online)
Visão 7, “Toma Lá Design Português”, January 2016(Printed)
Melancia Magazine, January 2016 (Online)
Elle PT, January 2016(Online)
Tonic, December 2015 (Online)
Fashion Up, December 2015 (Online)
Slash It Magazine, “scar-id store collaborates with designers”, December 2015 (Online)
Vogue PT, “scar-id com colecção 100% Nacional”, December 2015 (Online)
Maxima, December 2015 (Online)
Evasões, December 2015 (Printed)
Global Blue, October 2015 (Revista Impressa e Online)
Hip Shops, September 2015 (Online)
The Guardian, September 2015 (Online)
Oportunity, April 2015 (Online)
Portugal Confidencial, April2015 (Online)
Cidade FM, Abril 2015 (Online)
Porto Fashion Makers, April 2015 (Online)
Oportocool, February 2015 (Online)
P3, August 2014 (Online)
Arc Street, August 2014 (Online)
Retail Design Blog, April 2014 (Online)
Jornal Têxtil, 2014 (Printed)
WeAr Magazine, March 2014 (Printed)
Time Out Porto, February 2014 (Printed)
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