about SS17 fashion shows
18 Oct

about SS17 fashion shows

Portugal has two fashion weeks.
Strange? Yeh, we all think the same, but it´s great isn´t it?
We can get the double of the experiences of a fashion week.
From 6th to 9th October (in Lisbon - ModaLisboa) and from 12th to 15th (Lisbon and Porto - PortugalFashion) our designers had the opportunity to show their ideas, concepts and visions for the SS17 collection.
We highlight the 14th October.
Bloom is a platform within PortugalFashion for the young talents we also support.
This year they, for the first time, they joined all the bloomers in one day and in a fabulous space.
The rooftop of Palácio dos Correios do Porto (the post office ´palace`) downtown, next to the City Hall, was the perfect scenario for an all-day-event with fashion shows, music, drinks, the sunset and…with free entry for an amazing view of the city´s slyline.
The building is a constructed semi-urban void. A beautiful modernist building, with the Post Office headquarters on the street level, the Municipality Office on the first floor, and a large number of vacant floors.
The raw and unfinished space was first used, two seasons ago for PortugalFashion, and since has been used for art and design exhibitions.
So, if you are booking your vacations in Porto, please keep in mind that maybe the fashion week could be an interesting time for exploring unusual spaces in the city….as some of our clients did.
Spaces aside, the best was indeed the fashion shows.
Since Amorphous and Inês Marques made strategic breaks in their brands,
here is the list of our runway designers for SS17
Alexandra Moura (photos / video)
Beatriz Bettencourt (photos / video)
Carla Pontes (photos / video)
David Catalán (photos / video)
Eduardo Amorim (photos / video)
Filipe Faísca (photos / video)
Pé de Chumbo (photos / video)
Pedro Pedro (photos / video)
Ricardo Andez photos / video)
Susana Bettencourt (photos / video)

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