Press: scar-id featured at Elle Portugal
10 Aug

Press: scar-id featured at Elle Portugal

Thank you Elle Portugal for featuring our project

In fact the location is not a disadvantage for us.
We work with the best (Portuguese) design and we ship it worldwide.
It is not only by those who find us online, but mainly about the customers who buy the first time in our brick and mortar store and remain faithful to their brands. Those are the ones in which we can create a close relationship even at a distance, treating them the same personalized way as they were here with us in our Porto store.
This month we sent Alexandra Moura to Singapore, Carla Pontes to Paris, Filipe Faísca to Oxford, Inês Marques to Berlin, mariadovale to New York and Sofia Gomes to Athens to name a few we can remember immediately.
It is good to spread scar-id and its brands worldwide
Now it´s your time to make us a visit.
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