Event: Porto Fashion Week´s Night Out
25 Sep

Event: Porto Fashion Week´s Night Out

Next 28th September, scar-id store will take part of Porto Fashion Week´s Night Out Event with a selection of ´ARCHIVE SALE´.
Clothing pieces from Carla Pontes, Susana Bettencourt or Alexandra Moura, but also shoes from Freakloset or ceramics by Lagrima, among others*, could be purchased 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% Off.
-Do you make sale? Is a usual question by our visitors  
(Sure we do, you can see it on the hang tags, old price strikethrough, new price on the side)
(01) It seems that it is supposed or at least socially understood that, a product (eventually a service) might always be over-valued so that at the right time (whatever it is, there are allegedly several moments for that) its price will drop.
We cannot blame this assumption. Historically, any activity aims to profit. (then it depends on how each one acts according to their conscience and their own notions of ethics and morality to achieve it)
In scar-id we try to work with the concept of fair price, where each actor and each action earns the value we believe to be the fairest one: that covers, precisely, what has already been spent and that allows the continuity of the creative process in the ideas and in the objects.
(note that all this has nothing to do with the individual perception of "expensive" or "cheap." Fair prices are often still too high)
(02) It seems that this same product, which allegedly is supposed to be over-valued, will also have to have a kind of chronometer which, over time, is making it automatically cheaper. It seems that the product, through time is losing "qualities", in its design, with some presumed material deterioration, almost as if any product could be simultaneously part of its own category and the category of food or 'planned obsolescence' technology
For scar-id we believe in the timelessness of the design, with we relate directly to the quality of a product, executed with the utmost care (and passion) using the best raw material. Since at the time of conception no 'fashion' or 'trend' criteria were used, it is not possible to associate our products with a certain 'disposable' idea, therefore making the task of ´value reduction´ more complicated.
(03) So what could lead us to lower the value of something that we believe has a fair price and was designed to be used for a long time?  (why are we trying to  accelerate a product´s sale?)
On one hand, there are always new collections to come, new ideas, and new areas of action that requires Space. On the other hand, we have, like anyone else, the will to sometimes "clean" the Archive.
We have made a selection of products, unique pieces, or sales successes that we believe have already been with us for some time.
Any of us, from time to time, feel the need to clean our closet, our library or our computer. Also here in scar-id we feel the same need.
(04) We call it Archive Sale because it is an exceptional sale of a selection of pieces that belongs to scar-id´s Archive.
But as our Archive, (un)fortunately is not so big, we encouraged our designers to rethink their own Archive.
(05) On the 28th, we will have pieces of Archive, but also show and editorial samples at special prices, or experiences and pieces lost in the our designers´ creative process. The products may be completely unknown for the public or products that have shared the scar-id shop windows and charriots in the last, almost, four years.
(06) The usual collection, which we do not consider Archive, will go down to floor -1 and will be back the next day. Archive products that are not sold on the 28th, will keep their new price, will return to our Archive at -1 and may be purchased by scar-id customers whenever requested, or online through our Archive Sale section.
Between 6.30pm  and midnight.
*Carla Pontes, Susana Bettencourt, Alexandra Moura, Pé de Chumbo, Amorphous, Olimpia Davide, Cristina Real, David Catalán, Ana Segurado, Daniela Barros, Inês Marques, OBI, Freakloset, Lagrima
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