scar-id´s 3rd Anniversary: a new brand ATER
13 Dec

scar-id´s 3rd Anniversary: a new brand ATER

So you are creating a new brand ATER, in an ´available soon´ mood?
Today is scar-id´s third anniversary, but as usual, because it´s Christmas time, we are going to slide our anniversary party to 2017.
We would love to gather again a few friends, some clients and all the designers to thank them all for this amazing ride.
But at the same time, we thought it could be the perfect time to launch a project that somehow was lost in the process.
Now that the initial phase of this scar-id´s amazing 3 years had passed, it is the right time to get involved again in the design process.
What can we expect?
ATER is about a line products designed by us, the scar-id founders, with the kind of identity and vision we would love to share with our niche audience.
We love to work as curators, but as creatives, we missed the design process. It is time to put our identity not just in the store concept, but also in one of its principal components, the product.
You will see in ATER Instagram, in the upcoming days, some details about our leather bags.
It will start as a line of leather accessories, designed by us, made in a very artisanal process in a small workshop near Porto, with the best plain leather we found. Black minimal and pure leather bags as an expression for the individual identity.
But you already had an accessories brand, right?
Well, scar-id has started indeed as a bags brand, so when we thought about getting back to the design process, we knew that we had to re-start with accessories.
And the name ATER?
ATER is dull black in Latin. It was for a long time, the most frequent word used to say black. We love black and the dull, matte finishing is our favourite. Black is a very special colour, because throughout history has always had diverse connotation.
But for us, black is a powerful colour. You can feel yourself confidant entering into a room in a black outfit, with no logos or details, just plain black. But at the same time you could feel anonymous in a crowd.
We can understand your need to create products with your identity, but talking about your work as curators, don´t you feel your store has already your signature?
Yes, definitely. A few days ago, while we were closing the store, we look inside and near the door, there were a lot of black and grey clothes hang in the air, some Lagrima ceramics, the Darkside sunglasses, the Made in Youthland skincare set, the Husk notebooks, the new Joana Santos Urchin collection, and we get that epiphany moment: we use all this products in our daily routine, in our uniforms, in our home. This store is our identity, indeed.
We select every single piece, and most of the times, we ask for special products, special designs more related to our personal taste.
But we also feature products that we personally are not so related to, but at the same time amazing products, with an experimental avant-garde design, new ways of using, new techniques.
So you have to balance your taste with the remaining ´good´ design?
Yes, balance is a good work to describe it.  For one side, we have to select products that we like, for the other side is the design discipline itself, or even the art discipline, the creators and their own expression.
But in the reality, we have to reach our Clients expectations. In the end, is that1% that matters, so everything we do has to be done for that 1% of the consumers worldwide that are actually interested in what we do.
Just 1%?
Theoretically. We just know that we are a niche store for a selected small group of consumers that actually understands that what we do here is more related with culture, art, concepts, ideas, some kind of a vision, a perspective for the world.
We are not in the fashion business, we don´t care about trends, consumerism or entrepreneurship.
So ATER will also be a brand for that 1%. Or even less, just the part of the 1% that prefers black minimalism to avant-garde coloured, layered expressionism.
Do we have to wait a lot for ATER?
We have to create the perfect scenario for ATER to be the amazing (sub)brand we expect. Is not just put the products on the shelves. So this ´available soon´ is part that scenario. We have to tell the story first. But the story itself is already the brand. The product is just the physical part.
Stay tuned. 
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