New: Windowdisplay by Lagrima Studio
16 Jun

New: Windowdisplay by Lagrima Studio

We, at scar-id store, have wide windows connected to the side. It is a store without filters, transparent in its direct relation with the design showed to the city.
In scar-id´s shop windows there are usually clothes hanging on metal cables or in technical lighting lines and there are products laying down on the white surfaces.
There are no extra support elements, colourful accessories or lights pointing to a specific product.
The store space has always been purposely left blank and the rare elements for product display are minimal and almost technical.
A good work of selection, a great respect for the products and the brands presented and a continuous introduction of the stories, the concepts and the motivations behind the products was always what scar-id presented to its customers.
This is the method we use to present the product, raw, without artifices invented to build non-existent needs or exaggerated narratives that drive the consumer of what is truly important, the quality of the design and its ability to meet the identity of those who will use it.
But in the next Inaugurações Simultâneas do Quarteirão Miguel Bombarda (Simultaneous openings of the Art Galeries of our Porto´s Art District) our usual display will be suspended for a moment.
For the first time, a resident brand launched us the challenge and scar-id´s shop windows in the next 18th June will be designed by Lagrima Studio.
The ceramics brand will accompany the launch of a new series with a site-specific installation that aims not only to highlight their product but also pointing the continuous work of brand awareness scar-id is been developing with its our partners.
Lagrima design studio creates unique and special ceramics using different techniques, exploring organic and simples forms without neglecting the function of the final product.
Honest objects, accepting the imperfections as the beauty and originality of each piece.
As usual partner in all Inaugurações Simultâneas, Quinta das Peixotas will serve a glass of wine to all our customers.
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