Pre-Order Susana Bettencourt . "Stop The Clock" 2019 Collection
20 Mar

Pre-Order Susana Bettencourt . "Stop The Clock" 2019 Collection

During the last 16th of March, Susana Bettencourt surprised the fashion world with the format of her collection´s presentation, in the last Portugal Fashion - Porto´s Fashion Week - FW19/20 edition.
With the title “No Season 2019”, Susana showed the public what in the reality was not a collection, but a concept, a statement, a presentation of her work, of her mission as an author.
After the several interviews that followed the show, a word that was oftentimes repeated, had the ability to represent a certain transversal feeling felt by all the creative players: suffocation.
The suffocation carried out by an industry that leads to a period with no time to think, between collections with a 6 months time expiration date; the suffocation between trips to unproductive fairs and showrooms, where slow fashion brands (as the ones we introduce here at SCAR-ID) compete with others that develop products for fast consumption; the suffocation of the unfair competition, where cared production competes with practices that sometimes threaten human dignity, dealing with long working journeys, unworthy wages and improper working conditions; the suffocation of somehow belonging to a system that allows that a product can be sold with a seventeen times mark-up, while small brands are squeezing themselves to reach out their dreams of seeing someone dressed with their clothing on the street.
Year after year, or in the reality, every six months, the fashion industry pushed by the young authors and the small brands, reaffirms its will of change (never accomplished).
At SCAR-ID we hold the almost pedagogical role of broadcasting the idea “buy less, buy better”. There is no other form of sustainability, but reducing the consumption, choosing quality and justice in the production.
These suffocation idea was represented by Susana Bettencourt in ten coordinates last week at PortugalFashion The models didn´t march in the runway, the walk to their podium, to a static place where the audience could examine with time and proximity. The models wore handicraft pieces, almost craftwork, where the Portuguese bobbin lace technique mixed with new materials and new forms of expression – a Susana´s attempt to update the craftwork.
Some of the models had their mouth covered, asphyxiated.
Susana Bettencourt didn´t present any commercial collection at this Porto fashoin week´s edition.
The brand will actually just present one collection per year, what represents a new strategy, following the perfect occasion of a combination of several partnerships.
The 2019 Susana´s commercial collection will only be introduced to the public and the press in October 2019, but part of the plan rests not only in the “see now, buy now” option, but mainly in a strategy of private pre-order.
SCAR-ID as a privileged partner of the brand has the pleasure to invite its clients to experience, in first-hand - before of the press and the general public - “Stop the Clock” , a collection inspired in the wrong notion of time of the automatized society we live in, where concepts such as silence and contemplation have been lost.
During the following weeks, “Stock the Clock” will be exposed at SCAR-ID STORE´s basement, in exclusivity for our Clients for Pre-Order.
As part of Susana Bettencourt´s strategy, the clients will have the opportunity to previously select the pieces they desire, and therefore it will be produced and delivered in the next September.
Since the fashion show has been more and more the place for communication, it is now the time of the client to have its special and privileged space in the creative process of the small brands.
We are waiting for your visit*
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