Event: M13 Presentation
2 Nov

Event: M13 Presentation

The store´s `Opening hours´ have been relatively unchanged in the last decades.
Despite the several attempts of the new commerce agents in presenting to their customers a, sometimes, more user-friendly schedule, the truth is that invariably we are always returning to the same.
But that is not a good reason to give up.
Taking into account the new work relations, the shared economy, the self-employment and the tourism, should we continue to define the commercial opening schedule according to the ´work` hours? Or should we define the opening hours of a project just according to its inner characteristics?
Next Thursday November 3th, scar-id store will be open until 11p.m.
We invite you to show up and take a glass of wine with us and our partner Quinta das Peixotas.
But a special schedule is also the perfect moment to present a special brand.
M13 was the big surprise on PortugalFashion´s last edition.
Besides the runway impact, M13 collection was presented at the downstairs showroom and part of the collection became almost automatically sold out.
M13 presentation is the first of several initiatives out of scar-id´ regular schedule.
During the coming months, we will use several Sundays, Holidays and some nights to be open to serve our clients on unusual hours.
The regular opening hours is from 10a.m – 8p.m, from Monday to Saturday.
The odd hours can be found daily scar-id´ social media accounts, on the store door and in
You are invited.
*more from M13 Soon...
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