Opinion: About our Clients
12 Jul

Opinion: About our Clients

All our clients appreciate description, even those who bought the boldest pieces.
They have their own lifestyle, where clothing, jewellery and home products have its own places in their identity package.
We don´t create unnecessary desires neither stalk our clients online in every fashion-trendy website they daily visit.
In scar-id store, we just select and share good products, with interesting global design, excellent material quality, a certain timeless feeling and an innovation allure.
And then our clients come to find that specific piece that looks like it was designed to him.
It´s great to see their faces when they find the one.
To see that someone, actually, thinks the way we think, and to feel that our store has become their space to find products, ideas, tastes, culture.
In two years and a half we sold a quite interesting set of pieces to a quite particular number of clients.
From reserved professionals to VIP musicians.
But we really don´t care who, in advance, our costumer is. Our work is to prepare ourselves with the best selection of products, with the best ideas to serve our client’s identity (and our own).
Meanwhile, sometimes in the public online space, there is possible to find some people using our stuff. 
There are a few ones, that having a public live, we could stole a picture.
The others will be for ever using our pieces, discreetly, in their daily life, away from the social media attention and they intimacy will not be stolen despite our will of showing you which is the identity of all the persons who likes to use scar-id pieces.
Keep updated in our facebook link for People.

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