Event: Estudio Hakémé, new brand in store
14 Jun

Event: Estudio Hakémé, new brand in store

Next Saturday 17th, scar-id will introduce you a new Ceramics project: Estúdio Hakémé.
Estúdio Kakémé is an independent ceramics atelier and the study, research and creation of the ceramist José Andrade.
Each piece is formed manually, covered by raw glazes, developed and elaborated using natural raw materials.
In these projects, techniques and styles of ancient or traditional ceramics are studied, and the results of this research are incorporated into the pieces created."
In the brand presentation, stands out the use of ancient and traditional techniques for the image of the objects, which could raise a first question, since such an imaginary is usually the antithesis of what we present in scar-id.
But in the same definition, the study, the research and the process, are also well highlighted, concepts we consider much more determinant to introduce a new brand.
If we were talking about any other area, the final object should reflect innovation, and never tradition, but the parameters for selecting products in the area of ceramics are, necessarily, others.
The Estudio Hakémé pieces show research and dedication. They derive from an obsessive relation between the author, the material, the history and the technique.
José Andrade, who studied Sculpture at FBAUP, presents us with one of his paths through art in the form of Cups, Dishes and Displays.
Is it a path in the search of Jose´s identity as a ceramist? Or will this already be his identity?
Between 4 and 8p.m, in Miguel Bombarda´s “Inaugurações Simultâneas” day.
You are invited.

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