Filipe Faisca

Filipe Faísca . Fashion Design

Filipe Faísca licenses in Fashion Design IADE in 1989.
As a student , participating in “Manobras de Maio”, in Largo do Século – Lisbon. In 1991 , part of the Official Selection for Young Creative Europes Mediterranean Biennale , Valencia , and presents his first collection at Moda Lisboa . Inaugurates the Filipe Faísca fashion atelier in 1992 and the next year working as an assistant in the studio of Ana Salazar.
Alongside the development of collections of studio, Filipe Faísca has developed other projects such as : - Creating wardrobes for theater, opera, ballet and film festivals. - Uniforms for restaurants , clubs and hotels such as the Lux , Bica no Sapato and Papa Açorda. - 2006 to 2013 developed the design and preparation of the windows displays of Hermès Fashion Clinic stores. - In October 2006, he returned to Lisbon Fashion Week , after a gap of 14 years , and since then presents seasonally their collections. - In 2007 he was awarded the Golden Globe for best Portuguese fashion designer . - In 2010 designed the necklace in gold zipper that since then, it has produced and marketed in nickel. - Between 2010 and 2012 carries fashion editorials - production / styling - for the supplement of the newspaper Jornal Público , particular luxury - Primus Magazine. - Appears in 2011 in partnership with the brand Triumph lingerie in their collection of Winter 2011/ 2012 and Spring / Summer 2012 as well as the Toast of Christmas 2011 Triumph , the O- shirt by Filipe Faísca, and make the widows displays of the Portuguese Triumph stores at Christmas. In 2014 the partnership ends in February with the scarf - gift of Triumph in promoting Valentine's Day. - Responsible for the campaign Spring / Summer 2013 of Fashion Clinic store. - In 2013 he taught fashion course at ESAD in Oporto.
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