Amorphous . Fashion Design

Amorphous is a new fashion design brand created by Carla Alves, graduated in Fashion Design by MODATEX, Porto.
Since 2014 the brand was able to obtain several prizes (first prize in IlustraFashionClub, second at the Competition L'Aiguille d'Or, won the Acrobatic in 2015 and Bloom competition in 2016) and is now as a regular presence in Bloom's PortugalFashion space.
We like Amorphous work because it always starts from a manifest. M001 Cesura makes us question about female genital mutilation, female condition in cultures (more or less) ancestors, inequality of rights, social stigma…
Amorphous recent collection M003 Origin is about conscience, especially in the fashion industry and in the consuption.
All selected Amorphous pieces are available, in exclusivity, at scar-id store and