Made In Youthland

Made in Youthland . Skincare 

Made in Youthland had captivated us initially by its image, but the more we discovered, the more we realize that the brand has everything to do with scar-id.
Made in Youthland is a minimalist and androgynous, cruelty-free and vegan, skincare brand, presented as the first "skin" we wear in the morning before we put our clothes and accessories.
We get immediately identified with the packaging and all the visual concept of the brand, so close to our project. Then, it was its genuine and essential “less is better” on the subject of skincare that led us to want to know more.  When we realize that the brand is androgynous we were rendered. When we tested the product we became addicts.
It is with great pleasure that we detour from our comfort zone to introduce you the ideal partner, we needed to continue our work of building scar-id as a lifestyle brand.
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