COA . Ceramics

COA is the acronym of Carla de Oliveira Afonso is an Artist graduated by Lisbon Faculty of Fine-Arts, who uses ceramics has her main technique of expression.
At scar-id we are interest in COA´s conceptual work, where through a sociopolitical critical analysis, she questions the industrial revolution with its mechanical processes through a contradictory production of unique, handmade objects.
The work of COA is materialized in conceptual objects, situated in the tenuous line between the sculptural and utilitarian scope, existing also space for the two extremes.
For scar-id we selected a set of pieces, precisely in this line of contamination of uses. Each object is a unique, unrepeatable piece that, starting from a utilitarian function, leads to questioning its own use.
All selected COA pieces are available in exclusivity at scar-id store and