january / february
25 Feb

january / february

We´ve been slightly silent here in our blog, and maybe generally on all social media in this beginning of 2017. (offline is really, more and more, a luxury) 
An independent store like ours, with a small structure, can´t  be active all the time in all the layers, we apologise.
We took a week on January for vacations, or as we like to say a ´study field trip´.
We´ve been on Antwerp and Brussels, visiting stores, bars, art galleries and asian restaurants.
Since then, we´ve been doing the usual: meet people, finding new products, choosing collections, photographing it and preparing the best way of presenting it to our audience.
We have also been especially busy with the preparation of the launch of our new (sub) brand, ATER by scar-id. Our line of leather accessories will have a double launch.
News in the next couple of days.
But if the first months of the year are traditionally more ´down` for business, it has not been at all down at Communication level.
We are being rewarded for our good work.
2016 ended for us with an amazing reference on Porto´s Wallpaper City Guide.
In the end of January we returned to What's up - Olhar a Moda on the TV, where Sílvia spoke about our experience and reaction to the 'see now, buy now' issue.
Today, we finally found Vogue Italia in our usual magazine store.
Sara Maino had chosen us as the ´Where to Buy` place for Portuguese Talent, highlighting with us Susana Bettencourt and David Catalán in Fashion, Freakloset in footwear, the Darkside sunglasses and Joana Santos Jewellery.
Surely, what moves us is that moment when a Customer falls in love with a piece that has been chosen by us, but the recognition by our peers is fundamental to continue our work.
Thank you all, certainly 2017 will be another fantastic year.
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