1. What is scar-id store?
scar-id store is an independent worldwide oriented design store, based in Porto – Portugal, that communicates and sells a selection of products made by Portuguese designers based on exclusivity, innovation and identity, in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture and product design.
scar-id store is a space for those who understands design plays a differential part in the construction fo its own identity.
Between a store and a gallery, scar-id presents a careful selection of small collections, limited editions and unique pieces of global design all designed and made in Portugal.
Located in an old corner grocery store from the 50´s, in Porto´s Art neighbourhood, scar-id is also a product lab, an architecture office and a photography studio.

2. To who?
The client that visits scar-id store (and scar-id.com) is searching for a product or an idea that make him/her feel better, that adds something in the construction of its identity, fulfils its lifestyle and make him/her dream.
It could be a piece of clothing or a necklace, a ceramic or furniture for his home, an interior project or an idea.
scar-id client is savvy and updated about design, or a curious person looking to discover and learn.
It is a Portuguese client, but has been mainly international, that finds another line of Portuguese products with a global vision, that sometimes they were not aware about.
There is no client-type, but the sum of all individual clients.

3. What can I find?
A selection of design products from emergent Portuguese creators, and sometimes some international guests, in fashion, accessories, jewellery, interiors or skincare.
Creativity, innovation, quality, design, contemporaneity and lifestyle.
A minimal scenario where the products and the brands are the players.
A place to buy that special piece for your identity or just a space to discover a new product or a new idea.

4. Who manages scar-id store?
We are independent, moved by the interest of showing each day a better scar-id.
Simultaneously, going in the direction of our client´s expectations and presenting them a more and more interesting selection of products, providing new layers for their identity.

5. Does the products changes?
Most of the pieces we sell are selected by its ageless character. They can be used forever.
Each product has to result by some key factor: material quality, design quality, ageless, durability, creativity, innovation.
That is why it is natural to find the same models in store for a long time.
On the other hand, we also invest in unique pieces or limited editions, so it is natural that many products could suddenly disappear.
In this case scar-id.com is so important to hold that special product.
Then, it relies on the consumer to determine the time of use of each product.

6. The brands are always the same?
There are brands we work with from day one, and which we will continue to work because we believe the coherence of its path.
Then, we are always adding new interesting brands or products.
The interesting part is the searching and the selection, to gradually present a bigger group of consistent creators/products to our clients.

7. How do you make your selection?
The research is the most interesting part. Finding new products and creators that by any reason stands out in this already saturated global world.
That is too much going on, and our work is to filter, to select, to promote and sometimes provoke, to find the best products to our client.
We have to like the product, otherwise, we won´t be able to present It to our customers.

8. If I do not know the brand, why buy it?
First, we believe that a client should buy a piece because somehow it makes him/her feels better and it fulfils its identity. We don´t care about trends or novelties.
In scar-id store we like that our client start to understand the brand he is using.
The brands are always unknown until the moment they became under the spotlight.
However, before, these brands have to observe technical and aesthetical conditions.
In scar-id store we only invest in products and brands that have developed the base to give the next step, and we like to help them in that direction.
We are also interested in transfer to our clients the responsibility to be, themselves, as we are, ambassadors of the brands they become using.

9. Is Portuguese design at the same level to the International players?
Absolutely. Here are two interesting questions.
First is unquestionable that the ´made in Portugal´ is of extreme quality. A big percentage of the best international brands are producing in Portugal and we are no longer talking about costs, but quality.
The second question is about the conceptual language. We live in a global world where the information and the inspiration could be the same in every part of the world.
So, the bases are the same for each national or international creator.
All the brands we represent are in the specific moment they could jump to the next level.
The next step is all about communication.

10. I´m visiting Portugal, should I buy just because it is a Portuguese piece?
Certainly not. In scar-id store we encourage our clients to buy a piece because of its design.
If you are searching for typical Portuguese products, we are not the place.
We sell global design.

11. Have appeared recently some online platforms and other stores about Portuguese creators, is it becoming fashionable?
We like to think we helped to put the questions in the order of the day.
When we started in December 2013 we were the first online store investing in emergent creators and one of the first to export some of the names we work with.
So, we are proud to be able to inspire others.
Investing in young creators has not become fashionable. It could be the stage where a brand most need help to evolve. We can provide to a brand a point of sales, advice and some media visibility they need.
We will continue to work to overcome the fashionable aspect and put creativity has a must have in society.

12. Why do you sell Unique Pieces? And about Sizes?
The brands we represent mostly develop small collections, unique pieces or limited editions with a small variety of sizes.
It could be a problem, but is also what make us special.
If a piece is unique, it could result from a conceptual experience, a response to a problem, or just because the design thought he could add another vision to the table.
We like to think there is a unique client for each unique piece.
When a client likes a piece, we ask him to try it. If the size is not suitable, we made a parallel work between the designer and the client to reach the ideal model.
But, gradually we are having more and more sizes.

13. Why do you have pieces from other seasons in store?
We believe in the design, the products and the creators. When we represent a designer, we like to show all the process.
When we feel a product become outdated we remove it from the store.
Until, we assume that the quality of a piece does not run out in the season´s 6 months.
We don´t care about trends or novelties.
Besides, with the flux of international travellers, we do not want to deprive them to see the work of a designer just because they weren´t here in the wright season.

14. Is the price high?
The price of a piece is what we consider a fair price; other question is if we have or not the opportunity to pay that value.
Final price is based on the author´s work, feedstock, production, transport, commission of the store, the designers brand value, the store brand value and taxes.
The final price is always connected to quantities. A unique piece or a small production is always more expensive than a mass production one.
What could be a problem, is also what make us unique.

15. Does scar-id makes sales?
The concept of sales does not interest us, because, as we are saying, the products we select do not became updated in 6 months. Unique Piece hardly become with reduced prices.
Sometimes we make discrete reductions because after all, we are part of a fashion system that should be respected.
If you are searching for special prices, we invite you to check the label tabs, some pieces could have reduced prices.

16. Why in Miguel Bombarda neighbourhood? now everything happens in the ´Baixa´.
Recently, there was an increasing of excitement in Porto´s downtown, but what appends there, doesn´t have much to do with us.
Miguel Bombarda neighbourhood is a stabilised part of the city, well balanced between commerce, hospitality, housing for locals, global workers and international travellers, where a group of interesting stores and galleries has been settled in the last years.
So it makes all the sense that we have to be here, beside the city centre, but in a more stable area where out clients have space and time to work on his identity.

17. Is scar-id an exclusive niche store?
We want to be a cool store, where everybody could find the right product for itself.
But mainstream is a concept we are not often interested.

18. And Online, how does it work? It is like in store?
Yes, the idea of the online store is to extend to an international client, the same experience they could have in store
We like to walk with our costumer on the order moment, giving the extra trust in the online order. We also like to know his feedback when he receives the package and we stay with him through directional newsletters.
Happily, many of our online clients return to order the same authors.
After a period of uncertainty, the online orders, without the previous physical experience of the touch, are actually working.

19. But if I don´t like a product, can I return it or exchange it?
Sure you can. All the online process is just an extension of the offline store.
If a product received does not correspond to the client´s expectations, since it returns in the same conditions and under the deadline, it could be refunded or exchanged.
The physical store gives the extra trust to the online sale.

20. What we could expect of the future of scar-id?
Because of our background areas, we are constantly planning new future scenarios.
More than saying what is in our mind, we prefer to present an idea when it becomes real.
Stay tuned.

21. How can I do to get in touch with you?
For any doubt or suggestion, we are available at info@scar-id.com in whenever we are awake.
If you want to show up in store, we are from 10am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday or at any other time by appointment.

The Founders

Sílvia Pinto Costa (Lisboa, 1983) is an Visual Artist by FBAUP. Before setting scar-id store, Silvia worked as fashion and product photographer, photo-journalist and arts and communication teacher.

Andre Ramos (Viseu, 1984) is an Architect by FAUP. Andre started to work in refurbishment projects, but in the last years went through interior design.

With experiences completely opposite to manage and trade, Sílvia and Andre are constantly discovering new ways to solve the problems they face daily, through differential perspectives that relate the creative process to the products, and the consumer´s identity to the contemporary culture.