privacy policy

1. At scar-id store, as an independent project, driven by the passion we put into everything we do, we try to be as intrusive as possible in our Clients’ lives, but whenever we feel, we call, send emails, newsletters and text messages.
There are new rules concerning the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), from 25th May, 2018.
We have a very direct relationship with our Clients and Followers, due to our physical and online stores, which guarantees us to have their express written, or oral, consent to communicate with them.
We do everything to ensure that all the Data we collect is handled, stored and secured in the best way possible.

2. We keep the information provided to us by our Clients: name, address, telephone and email contacts.
All the information is stored safely, as a result of the effort of our technical team that watches and monitors
Our Customers´ Data is also present in MailChimp, a service we use to send our newsletters and also has its own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that we advise to read.
We use Google Analytics to track developments on our website: number and origins of visits, routes and most viewed pages.
We also make offline lists with our Clients´ Data for a more immediate access, exclusively used by scar-id founders.

3. We use our Customers´ Data to send our Clients and Followes communications about scar-id store: news, new brands, new products, events, promotions.
We do not make customer segments, we treat everyone equally with regard to our newsletters that are specifically informative.
To all Customers with whom we exchange phone calls and written messages, these are treated with a differentiating professional care.

4. At any time, any of our Clients may and should request access to their Data.
Any of our Clients can and should request the cancellation of any information sent, and may request that we permanently delete their Data.
Any citizen has the right to have his or her online footprint forgotten. That’s what we believe.
We encourage all our Clients that, at any time, if they wish, they can request the cancellation of the Newsletters, using the “unubscribe” button at the bottom of each communication.
We encourage all our Clients that, at any time, if they wish, they can request in a verbal or written form to terminate any relationship that has been previously agreed with scar-id store.
As previously described, we only contact by telephone and written message Clients with whom we believe we have a more professional relationship, but mainly these have a duty to use their right not to be contacted again by us.

5. Given the characteristics of our Project and how we deal with our Clients and Followers, their Data will be archived by us during the scar-id period of operation.

6. At any time, any of our Clients should recourse to the Supervisory Authorities in the event of any misconduct on our part.

7. Any question must, in the first instance, be settled directly through the usual contacts.

We are at your disposal.
Thank you.

Sílvia Pinto Costa
André Ramos

254 Rosário Street, 4050-524, Porto
(+351) 222033087 / (+351) 914689065