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Read before buy
When you are buying a product on scar-id Online Store, you are buying from scar-id Porto Store and warehouse.
All products are from our own design and production, or selected from a group of designers and brands that we trust, support and promote.

The prices of the products are indicated in euros (23%VAT tax included)
All the orders whatever their origin are payable in Euros.
scar-id.com reserves itself the right to modify their prices constantly but the products will be invoiced on the basis of prices at the time of the recording of the orders subject to their availability.

At scar-id.com the contractual information is presented in English and Portuguese and will be the subject of a confirmation at the time of the delivery.
You must verify the exactitude of your: name, addresses and telephone number, and check, at the time of the order, article by article, that the number, the colour, the size, the price are well taken into account in your purchase order.

When you click on the “confirm” button my order after the process of order, you state to fully accept this one as well as the entirety of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, without reserve. The data recorded by scar-id.com constitute the proof of the whole of the transactions passed through scar-id.com and its customers. The data recorded by the system of payment constitute the proof of the financial transactions.

scar-id works with Unique Pieces, Limited Editions and Small Collections.
Some products are “sold out” and it is not possible to produce another one for you, since they were Unique Pieces.
Other products are simultaneously “out of stock” yet available for order. It means that we are expecting new stock or are producing new items. In the ´Info` about the product we inform you the time of production. If you like, you can purchase the item and wait until the production ends. If you prefer, you can wait the product to become available to be shipped immediately for you.

scar-id store reserves the right to cease you order at any time, with one acceptable reason. If a product is bought at the same time by several different costumers the product will go to the customer that payment has been received first from.

The products are delivered to the address of delivery you indicated during the process of order.
These deliveries have an estimated timetable that appears during the order process. scar-id store could not be responsible by any delays in the delivery, however, if this situation unfortunately happens, the client should notify scar-id store to help speeding the process.
The delivery costs are automatically calculated as soon as you constitute your basket of purchases and appear in the rising final one at the time when you finish your order, independently of its value (it could be 0€ for Portugal Continental, or in case of any special campaign, voucher or Free Shipping period).
You will receive an email after each period: order, payment received, shipped and deliveried, and also a code, and a link to track your package.
All the custom charges (excluding the ones we referred) incurred are the responsibility of the customer.
In the event of loss or of deterioration of the product during transport, the customer have to inform scar-id store as fast as possible to assure a solution.
If you chose, “pick up at the shop” option, please show up with a print of your email confirmation and your identity card at scar-id store, Rua do Rosário, 253, 4050-524 Porto, Portugal, during the store opening ours. Your product will be available immediately after the online confirmation.

All the orders dispatched in Portugal are expressed in Euros all inclusive of tax (23% VAT). scar-id.com will accept your payment by Back Transfer and Paypal worldwide,and Payshop and Bank References for Portuguese customers.
Paypal is a worldwide recognized and safe system for this kind of transaction.
In order to assure the simplicity and safeness of the process of money transfer, scar-id.com decided to incorporate other methods of payment. The direct Bank Transfer, PayShop and Tranfer by Reference are well known by Portuguese consumers so we fell natural to use them in our website.
However if it still remains some doubts or uncertainness, we will be glad to accompany you in all process if you wish, using the contacts below.

scar-id.com is committed to providing you products of high quality. If, by any valid reason you are not satisfied with your order, scar-id.com commits itself to exchange or refund you the products concerned.
If the product in question is in good conditions, and that return is based on a loss of your expectations, the expenses of sending and return will be then at your charge.
If the product is damaged, the shipping expenses will be at scar-id store charge.
If the return product has visible signals of use, if it´s been washed or transformed, scar-id store reserves the right to decline all the transport and product charges.
You have a 14 days deadline from the date of reception to ship the return products.
If you need additional time (for example, if you purchased a gift) please let us know by email, and we´ll gladly offer you the extra time you need.
For any additional questions please contact us.

scar-id.com uses a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol to protect your information against any leakage or misuse. We adopted the process of encoding SSL but we also reinforced the whole processes of jamming and encoding most effectively to protect, as much as possible, all the significant data related to the means of payment.
For any additional information don´t hesitate in contact us.

scar-id store cannot guarantee that item colours will be displayed correctly on your monitor.
In addition to images, scar-id.com assigns a generic colour to each product (to facilitate the search) and an approximate colour according to the manufacturer in the product description.
For any doubt about colours don´t hesitate in contact us.

As a way to ensure a more reliable interpretation of a product, scar-id.com assures a group of measures in the product description info.
In case of clothing, and as we work with different brands and designers it´s impossible for us to assure a general fitting system.
Therefore we developed a measure system product by product. This measurement is made on flat position, so our suggestion is for you to measure a similar piece that you already have and confront the two pieces to understand if it fits you.
If in any product you think you need an extra measure, don´t hesitate in contact us, we will be glad to provide you a more detailed knowledge of any product.

As a way to ensure a more reliable interpretation of a product, scar-id describes generically the main materials of each product in the product description info.
However, some products could be composed by many materials, some hidden, some minimal (such as zips or construction parts).
If you wish to know more details about a certain product feel free to contact us.

All the texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the website scar-id.com are reserved for the title of the royalty and intellectual document of title worldwide. For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of the Intellectual Property, only a private use is allowed unless special dispositions are previously made, following the code of the intellectual property. Any other use is constitutive of counterfeit and sanctioned with the Intellectual document of title except preliminary authorization of scar-id.com. Any reproduction total or partial of the catalogue of scar-id.com is strictly prohibited.

scar-id.com is committed not revealing with thirds information that you communicate to us. Those are confidential. They will be used by its internal services only for the treatment of your order and that to reinforce and personalize the communication, in particular by the newsletters of scar-id.com to which you will have subscribed.

The articles are legally marked, when applicable (namely articles in sterling silver above 2,0g). In case of doubt about the authenticity of the marks, use, for verification purposes, the services of Contrastarias.  Portuguese Hallmarks. Daily Quotes of precious metals: AORP | Banco de Portugal [Artº 64 do Decreto-Lei nº 120/2017 de 15 de Setembro]

scar-id.com is a platform designed to make a secure and simple search/buying process for our scar-id store products and clients.
However, if at any moment you prefer a more personal treatment in our website, you are welcome to contact us directly at
info@scar-id.com at all time,
or by telephone +351 22 203 3087 / +351 914689065,
during the store opening ours.
Monday 15h-20h
Tuesday to Saturday 10h-20h

André Ramos
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scar-id store
253 Rosário Street
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