scar-id x Escola de Moda do Porto: Diogo Pinto
11 Apr

scar-id x Escola de Moda do Porto: Diogo Pinto

Each year, we have to pleasure to collaborate with Escola de Moda do Porto, one of the best fashion schools in the city, and help one of its students.
In 2014, we had Yannick Barros doing an internship in our store, helping us with our daily routines.
In 2015, Mariana Virgilio created an amazing storefront for us.
In 2016, Joana Silva was able to perfectly transport scar-id´s identity to her Photoshoot.
This year, Diogo Pinto developed the editorial MONEY POWER GLORY, a theatrical production that took advantage of the possibilities of adaptation of scar-id´s products, revelling conceptual versatility.

Creative Dir. & Styling . Diogo Pinto
Photography . Carmo Amorim
Hair . Lídia Senra
Make-up . Maria Luis
Model . Tamaris Gomes
Congratulations Diogo.
We will surely continue to follow your work. 
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