New: The Après Garde Magazine Issue 01
7 Jan

New: The Après Garde Magazine Issue 01

In 2016 we start a new chapter in scar-id, the year 3.
Although we have a consolidated editorial line, sometimes we like to make detours whenever we find and interesting project that we feel we have to talk about.
We call it Special Guests when they aren’t ´emergent creators´ or ´portuguese´ like this case.
We present The Après Garde first Issue, a Toronto based magazine, edited twice a year.
They define themselves as an attempt to put together a different sort of architecture/design magazine. One that acknowledges the rapidly dissolving borders between creative métier. That understands that today's creatives are just as invested in contemporary art as they are in cinema, in fashion…
That is aware that these borders no longer exist. That recognizes that kids in Balmain bikers and beat up Chucks are just as invested in the cultural implications upon the fabric of our urban existence as 5-series drivers are.  
In this age of endless information, complex discussion of the ramifications of design on our day-to-day is falling by the wayside. The Après Garde was developed as a print magazine in direct opposition of the current trend towards bite-sized instantly-available information. The Après Garde team is not concerned with the newest building, or the hippest design of the week. Rather, they aim to focus on that which will influence design long-term. Affect the way we interact. Affect the way we live. 
Nothing better than to read Editor´s note below to get the principles that guide the publication.
For this Issue 01, the content includes articles on Snarkitecture, Oyler-Wu or the fantastic Ciguë,  a Paris-based design house who designs boutiques for Isabel Marant, Aesop, Kris Van Assche, and Études Studio.
A small examination of the writings of Le Corbusier, a look at the use of marble in architecture and contemporary design, architecture tours of Palm Springs and Toronto, and much more.
The editorial team at The Après Garde has proved its worth on contributing to some of our favourite to publications such as Monocle, Wallpaper, Apartamento, Hypebeast, HighSnobiety or Numéro,
The Après Garde is a magazine that from today is present exclusively in Portugal by scar-id store and we are sure will be a great element of discussion and reflection on global design.
Editor´s Note:
When Pierre Bérge wrote: ‘Ours is a [metier] conjugated in the present. Never in the past, never in the future.’ he could easily have been referring not to the creation of artistic endeavour, but to the appreciation of it. Punditry, or, for lack of a better word, criticism.
And, thus, The Après Garde. 
Its impetus is our belief that, while an ever-growing percentage of the population, with an increasingly eclectic group of interests, cares about architecture and design, the publications that focus on it are still, for the most part, comprised either of Calla Lilly-laden bougie townhouses and fashion designer’s car collections, or excessively technical discussions of topographies and structural concerns while creating a cantilever. 
We live in a world where one can love Ettore Sottsass and L’il Wayne equally. Where people rock AF1/Jordan crossovers and Geller drop-crotches for a typographic walking tour of Helsinki’s sans-serif signage. Where a conversation can flow seamlessly from Tom Dixon to Tom Ford. We’re aiming to put that to print.
Appreciation of design (or art, or any creatio ex nihilo) is a living organism. And while it exists within the framework of a greater historical and chronological context, perspectives change, yet remain determinedly au courant, as we invariably view things through the prism of our contemporary experience.
To paraphrase Rene Ricard “We’ve seen something. Then seen something else. Gone out onto the dance floor. Then gone on to dance another way.”
So let’s see what we can see. Who the fuck says you can’t dance about architecture, anyways…


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