ANA PINA [ new collections ] WEK
28 Jun

ANA PINA [ new collections ] WEK

Next Saturday 29th, we will host a double jewellery exhibition at scar-id store.
Ana Pina presents Leku collection
"Leku, Basque word for place, gives name to a jewelry collection by Ana Pina that finds in Eduardo Chillida the source of inspiration.
Geometric and free, almost architectural, the works of Chillida seem to be born in nature and belong to the city. They are abstractions that convey messages of strength and balance, that contain the roughness of the rust, the rigor of the straight line and the subtlety of the curve. They are volumes that play with light, bodies that weigh as much as their absence - they are space, while occupying the space.
In the drawings the black and white defines outlines and shapes, alludes to full vs empty games, to tensions and movements. In the passage to three-dimensionality the sculptures gain in grandeur and expression.
How can a series of lines have such a weight?
How can a stone block be so light?
From these contrasts a jewelry collection is born, that also gives rise to the author's two creative facets: the purity of the geometric trace - in a set of linear silver pieces - and the unpredictable freedom of the drawing - in a limited series of unique pendants, that celebrates Chillida’s corten steel through the hot shades of bronze."
(Simultaneous presentation in Tincal lab and scar-id)
Wek is presenting a new special edition SS19 collection.
In 2014, we launched a new brand in store. Associating technology and manual work, WEK designed pieces of contemporary jewelery that explored a fusion of 3D printing with the wire used in agriculture.
Tuned with scar-id´s characteristics, the dark and neutral, wintery colors, with a predominance of Black and White, have been part of the brand's portfolio of products that we have been show for the past 5 years.
With the same bold but simultaneously minimalist and timeless language, we are now presenting a manifesto of contrasts, a radical chromatic change that evokes the summer.
Between 4 pm and 8 pm in scar-id store.
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