Ines Marques

Inês Marques . Fashion Design

Inês Marques immediately got our attention when she presented her first collection in Bloom, the  PortugalFashion´s space for the young talents in 2015.
We were so interested in working with Inês that we completely subvert the calendar.
We start by asking her to design for us an exclusive piece to accompany our 'year 3` event, where she presented us the Debug Jumpsuit a graphical debugging of the Jersey Jumpsuit, black as we like.
Inês Marques is a 2012 graduated in Visual Arts and Artistic Technologies by the PPI School of Education, Porto.
A year later she began studying Fashion Design at MODATEX, and she has been selected for the Comenius Project and Bilrus Projects where she won the PFN contest in Porto Fashion Week 2015.
The designer worked with Luis Buchinho.
All selected Inês Marques products are available, in exclusivity, at scar-id store and