Alexandra Moura

Alexandra Moura . Fashion Brand

We proudly present a new ´special guest´ in our store, the fashion brand Alexandra Moura.
Despite Alexandra Moura is already a more establish brand than the majority we feature in scar-id, it makes all the sense to have her work in our store.
The conceptual part invites us for all the surprise in the collections, the way she uses the materials, the volumes, in  pieces that can be used in several ways, the abuse of colour and its unusual combinations.
Some kind of deconstructed femininity to be used on the street by a confident woman, that doesn´t care about fashion and glamour but just care about herself.
Alexandra was born in Lisbon and graduated in Fashion Design Projects from IADE, Lisbon.
Since 2002, the brand presents regularly its collection in Moda Lisboa and in 2016 returned to PortugalFashion in Porto.
Alexandra Moura collaborates in the designing of professional uniforms and costumes for dance performances. Alexandra often develops wardrobes for artist Joana Vasconcelos and fado singer Gisela João, among others.
All selected Alexandra Moura pieces are available in scar-id store and