Media: WeAr Magazine 3/2014

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WeAr Magazine asked us to be part of their this edition Buyers Voice.

“WeAr Asked international Top Buyers two key questions about the upcoming season: what are you looking fir at trade and designer catwalk shows and what is the next big trend? “ 

We live in an image / online word where fashion is consumed with scroll speed, that´s why offline stores, catwalk shows, showrooms and ateliers or printed magazines are even more fundamental.We mainly seek the catwalk and trade shows where the young designers / brands showcase their products. We are looking for creativity, innovation, experimentalism, new techniques and new garment constructions.For our store, we try to find a selection of pieces that represent the contemporary urban lifestyle based on the innovation and quality, but also a timeless feeling. We chose deliberately not to focus on seasons, but rather in the language and the creative process of each designer.Of course fashion shows are crucial to the industry, but they are related to the set and communication dimension. We prefer to discover the designers work in their showrooms or ateliers where we can touch the pieces, understand their composition, materials and textures, and the technical innovation. But mainly, have a direct contact with their creative process, listen to their stories and inspirations, and how they reach the new construction process and techniques. Our job is to pass, not just the piece of clothes to the final client, but how these behind stories could positively interfere in the contemporary lifestyle of our customers.