one year . meet the designers: DAM

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Who are you?

DAM is a brand of furniture and accessories that combines tradition and modernity with the creative drawing. Created by the designers Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, this brand is an emotional brand. It’s good for health. The goal is to develop pieces to make people happy and to inspire them in the day-to-day life. 

What is your relation with scar-id store?

We are with scar-id since the first day with some products

What is your favourite piece at scar-id store?

The wardrobe Nandos! Yes, it’s a DAM product, but has a big importance and tells stories – it stores the other precious products, the clothes exhibited in the store. 

What do you think about the Portuguese design scene?

The designers and the brands have to believe more and want more. There is a space to conquer in the Portuguese market but especially in the international market. We are still far to get there, but there are some brands and designers who have done half the route. 

What is your favourite Place at city of Porto?

The Marginal of the Douro River. Take a trip in the marginal is something that inspires us, either by car or on foot, in the river mouth or downtown area. The view over the Douro River and the contact here with the people of Porto is something sublime. 

A few things that are inspiring you?

What inspires us – We! Not the telecommunications brand “NOS” (“WE” in English), but We – Hugo, Joana, the Portuguese people and Portugal. Our banalities of day-to-day life, our passion for homeland, the flavours, the stories, the welcoming people, the Portuguese materials. 

Why do you live (work) where you live (work)?

We live in São João da Madeira and we work here and there, sometimes in the carpentry, or in the car, on the phone, on the computer, at the customer’s room, in the house, in the parents’ house or friends’ house and often at our home. We work .. does not worry us where. 

Is there any website you are daily addicted to?

There are many websites. Some of them are Mocoloco, Design Milk, Archiproducts

Can you tell us something that you haven´t had the opportunity to tell in an interview?

What did you dine yesterday?We dined “Francesinha”, it was divine! For the most distracted people that go to Porto and don’t know, it’s something that has bun, ham, cheese, sausages and steak. For the more refined as Hugo, it can include an egg on the top and in the end it is covered with a high-calorie sauce. This dish is served with fries.

What do you think about the future?

The Future belongs to the Designers! The Design and the Designers will not be only part of the operative process, but mainly will be part of the decision process. And we are talking about the creative areas and also the other areas. Every product involve a building process, which involve designers to reach the public. Design is always a part that creates value in the process, so the Designers will make decisions in the future.

And your own future?

Next to the big international brands, where our products are recognized as design references. 

What is in your desktop at the moment?

Preparing the future! There are papers everywhere, drawings, notes, market researches, cartons to pack the products. There’s the phone ringing. There is the doorbell ringing because someone has mail for us… 

And about scar-id store?

Good job! Promote the best made in Portugal and leave your scars!