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Teapot’set is a single teapot mold that produces a whole tea set. By using a fixed amount of liquid clay, the production of each object leaves less material to make the next one. The coloring of the clay is a visual translation of this process, where the first casting reveals the initial mixing of two different colors that eventually start to blend into a single color as the clay is poured in and out of the mold, continuing the process.

Teapot’set is a tea set which comes out of the shape of it’s own teapot. The process used in Teapot’set is an appropriation of the traditional ceramic casting technique.
The liquid porcelain is poured in different quantities into the the teapot mold depending on the piece which is casted. The teapot is filled until the top whereas for the teacup it is only 3/4 filled. The teapot’set family turns this process functional since a teapot always need the teacups to work.