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You all know we love to write concepts and manifestos and to produce beautiful images to inspire and seduce our followers to the ´scenario´ we are creating here at scar-id.
But sometimes, we just need to a good curatorial work, clear all the store for one brand and let it happen.
Friday 24th November, scar-id After Hours, Made in Youthland:


“On the 24th November, Black Friday takes place worldwide and like an abusive relationship with the real world, it has become synonymous with consumerism – wasteful, debt-fuelled and ultimately unsatisfying in the long-term. Yet, inescapably, we are part of the material world and this phenomenon. Being part of the cosmetic and lifestyle industry, we are well aware of an over-consumption and an uncontrolled and emotional purchasing behaviour. So, how, then, can we develop a healthy connection to material things?

This Friday, we would like to redesign the conversation. In a day that celebrates excess, we invite you to undress from it and go back to the essentials – exploring the relationship with ourselves and ultimately, our skin.

Skin has the power to protect our bodies, to [re]connect us with the material and immaterial world, to allow us to be able to feel and by stripping down our behaviours and thoughts back to the essential of the human body, we believe we can rethink and rebuild our relationship with materialism in a more meaningful way. As advocates that every non-human body shares with every human body a cognitive and transformational nature, we trust that it possible to dress our skin, and ourselves, with a more deeply pleasurable and respectful relationship with the world of ‘things’.

We invite you to meet us this Friday and what better place to spend the evening but, Scar-id store in Porto? From 18h00, Sixteen skincare wearables that we like to call The Invisible Wardrobe, will be on display to be experienced surrounded by an [un]dressed minimalist environment, in the company of the perfect pairing: Wine by Quinta de Lubazim and chocolate truffles.”