one year . meet the designers: Cristina Real

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Who are you?

Who am I? Well, it’s complicated to talk about me. I love what I do, I love my profession and that keeps me motivated to fight every day to continue this project.  

What is your relation with scar-id store?

My relationship with scar-id is recent, it’s a commercial relation. Was the first shop that I trust to expose my pieces and I felt a connection between the store and the concept.The collection is called Intermission.The concept comes from an intersection of ideas, but there is no specific initial shape since it does not form itself visually, only its beginning. This collection builds itself from straight lines that shape themselves through various dashed lines, colours and materials until they reach their final shape.Inspiration comes from the emptiness, from an empty mind where the dot signals the initial phase and the line gives it expression. The piece is like a “tabula rasa” that receives elements and ideas until it has a life of its own life. Colour and material are the key elements of the collection, the way garments are cut create a dynamics with the several textures of materials and colours.The raw materials consist of natural materials such as Wool, Fur, Organza, Napa, Leather, Mesh and Acrylic.Base colours are black, navy blue and grey and secondary colours are dark beige, pearl beige and old pink. 

What is your favourite piece at scar-id store?

One of my favourite pieces in the store is the Grey Pleated Skirt of the FW14´15 collection. It’s so important because from that skirt all the collection has been developed. 

What do you think about the Portuguese design scene?

The Fashion scene in Portugal is growing, the national market is becoming more and more competitive. We have the arise of new talents representing the best made in Portugal and spreading the country’s name around the world. 

What is your favourite place at city of Oporto?

My favourite place in Oporto is the lovely Ribeira, for me is one of the most beautiful views in our country. 

A few things that are inspiring you?

I don’t have any limit for inspiration. Inspiration for me it’s free, I get inspiration of all surround me, people, objects with a history, culture, sounds, memories. Everything can combine and became one. 

Why do you live (work) where you live (work)?

I work a room in my attic. It’s a clean and free space to adapt for any inspiration, in my hall I have a plenty of images for my ideas and to my imagination flow.  

Is there any website you are daily addicted to?

I don’t have any favourite website.  I have a very particular taste and it’s necessary to search in different websites or books… internet not always have the information we need and it’s like back to basics.  

Can you tell us something that you haven´t had the opportunity to tell in an interview?

As a young designer with a brand in rise, we need investment in Portuguese Fashion. We need more financial support, more partnership with the companies because these initiatives will not just benefit us, fashions designers to become successful, but the national economy too.  

What do you think about the future?

In future, I want every Portuguese using more national products and brands, to show the world we support our things and we are proud of them. 

And your own future?

It’s complicate talk about my future because everything just pass so fast and the world turn around in speed of light, therefore I need to work hard, give everything and take all the opportunities to have my name written in fashion history.  

What is in your desktop at the moment?

Every day is different, different things happen and that give me something new and something distinct is added, this diversity enriches me as a person and as a designer.  

And about scar-id store?

We are in hard times and it’s difficult be successful and is always good see the new generation of designers being support by stores like scar-Id.All I can desire is the great achievements for scar-Id.