one year . meet the designers: Daniela Barros

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Who are you?

I’m Daniela Barros, born at Oporto City. I love nature and human nature and questions. I’m a fashion designer 

What is your relation with scar-id store?

My work is exposed at scar-id store. The garments are clean and minimal, structured, and coexist among different art work and designers represented in store. 

What is your favourite piece at scar-id store?

Tricky question! If I choose one of my, I choose the Neoprene Sweater because of the structure and the touch of the garment. 

What do you think about the Portuguese design scene?

There is a new generation that pulls up nowadays the Portuguese design in all areas, with determination to do new things and to export our ideas. 

What is your favourite Place at city of Porto?

Palácio de Cristal. 

A few things that are inspiring you?

Everything, movies, people, moments, feelings, culture, the city. 

Why do you live (work) where you live (work)?

I live and work near Oporto city, a place more bucolic surrounded by nature. 

What do you think about the future?

Surrounded by work.See my work solid and more structured. 

What is in your desktop at the moment?

My new collection aw15-16 surrounded by pens, pencils, papers and fabrics. 

And about scar-id store?

scar-id store grow up as Portuguese design scene.  I think that in the future will be a cult store.