Opinion: 6 best of 2015 you should know for 2016.

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Carla Pontes is with us since day one. From a catwalk sample designer to a worldwide brand, we have a special care about this brand. Orbit is Carla Pontes 6th collection and the one that had the fastest acceptance by the public.Normally we have to wait for the right person for the right piece, but with Orbit Carla finally reached not the individual but all the small niche of design consumers. Orbit Oversized Overcoat is that special coat, warm, cosy, ideal to wrap in a cold day or to be open and leave it with is natural wave of the jacquard wool. A beautiful piece in an amazing collection.Besides all, we still sell pieces from Carla´s previous collections. The brand is producing new products every year, but the ones they had made are all ageless.

Golden Tubes Coat is a symbolic piece in our product selection. It is the most expensive piece we have in store. From Cristina Real Fall Winter 15´16 collection, it represents detail, timelessness and exclusivity.It is a heavy coat, with golden brass tubes hand embroidered one by one. It took time to be built.A timeless piece that can be used daily by someone who consider the power this coat could transmit to its own identity.  An exclusive piece, as all of Cristina Real´s, to be used by a single person that believes that Golden Tubes Coat was made to her.

We have six Susana Bettencourt different collections in store. Surely we are not a museum but we like to tell ´design´ stories. Susana´s story is told by her collections.It´s all about continuity and coherence. When someone in our store finds a beautiful Susana´s piece, immediately identifies these other ones as from the same brand. The jacquards, the colours, the shapes. All in Susana Bettencourt´s work is a continue path adding new items to the process of deconstructing nature and balancing it with between the digital and technological and the manual labour. To symbolize 2015 we choose Knitted Jacquard Collar as an example of the warm and comfortable feeling that Susana Bettencourt´s pieces transmits. In the first day of August 2015, in a very hot day, we sold a winter collar.

scar-id store selection of products in normally mainly about unique pieces, limited editions and small collections. It is not the case of this Porcelain Lemon.Margarida Gorgulho was one of the first brands we select. We love ceramics and Margarida´s work have two very different types. Plain bowls, white and pure on the base with a punch of colour in the interior,  and the fruits. Porcelain Lemon is really a best seller, just a small porcelain piece, made from a real lemon cast, white and textured outside, with a smooth light yellow  touch inside . We have pomegranates and melons, but is the Lemon that everybody wants because of that extra surprise of colour.

Wek is one of the brands that started with us. Beautiful and simple plastic necklaces we helped to grow and delivered worldwide. Contemporary jewellery made with coloured vineyards wire and 3d printed locks. The ideal balance between a traditional material out of the context, and a new technology that gradually is entering our world. 71 Bold Necklace is our favourite. Actually, it makes part of Silvia´s daily uniform of accessories. Black lock and black wire, just taking advantage of the intricate design to add that differential detail on a plain and monochromatic look.

Long Painted Dress is as an example of the success of the SS15 mariaDovale collection. mariaDovale was a big surprise. Another out of the spotlight brand, that doesn´t presents its collections on the catwalk. The 3 sisters’ brand works between clothing and jewellery. Priory was about unique pieces, but quickly we understand that the collection had to be reproduced due to the number of costumer requests. Always keeping in mind that painting detail in every clothing piece mariaDovale had created a mini winter collection and is always adding new jewellery items to our selection of products.