Event – Valentine’s Day 2016

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“It should be passion, right? But Love has just four letters,it´s easier to build the word. Yeah, but we use passion in the store, not love, love is calm e rational, this is more bold and spontaneous, we search for, we like it, we understand it and someone should take it home because of passion, not love! But they could love it! Maybe they can, but can you love a garment or a necklace? You can love the person who gave you a ring, not the ring itself. You can be passionate about a notebook and a bag, and you can love me. I don´t think so, I love a marble board and a ceramic bowl. But I can´t love my shoe lace, I can be just passionate for a while, a new item. I love items forever, you know. I will love this black denim coat forever, and I´m no more passionate about him, and I´m passionate about this blue wool collar right know, will I love it one day? Who knows.But you know what, I have passion for this store, for what we sell, how we communicate it, this white space that can be whatever we want. I love my job, finding daily a new way to solve a new problem, it´s great isn´t it? To be passionate about an idea, a concept. To be in love with changing the world?Yeah, but you know, in the end of the day it´s all about you,and I love you.”