scar-id x Escola de Moda do Porto

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Each year, we have to pleasure to collaborate with Escola de Moda do Porto, one of the best fashion school on the city and help one of its students.

In 2014, we had Yannick Barros doing an internship in our store, helping us with our daily routines.

In 2015, we had Mariana Virgilio creating an amazing storefront for us, in Gold and Silver, alongside with her brilliant conceptual Film featuring some products from our store.

This year was the time for Joana Silva. She redefined our logo, created a new identity for our shopping bags and price tags, but we absolutely loved her Photoshoot. With the versatile model Inês Junqueira, Joana was able to transmit scar-id store´ identity picking up a selection of neutral black and white (and blue) products where she just added black ink and a plain grey scenario.

This work was really about our identity. To feature a careful selection of products and talk about them facing a neutral scenario. Is like this in our store, in our website and surely was like this in Joana´s Photoshoot. Thank you Joana Silva. We wish you luck for your future, because you have plenty of talent.

Art Direction: Joana Silva

Photography: Daniel Fernandes

Model: Inês Junqueira

MUA: Sara Ferreira