25 May: andre’s choices

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I (and Silvia) see scar-id as a space for urban culture, an idea. A lifestyle idea, giving an answer to the way we live.

scar-id it is not its products, is ideas, concepts, design, image, experimentation, to dare, to interpret, to comment and to create.

It´s not just the way we dress and the objects we have in our homes. It´s all a concept of identity, of life.

To achieve a coherent package.

We work with clothes, jewellery, paper and ceramics in store. But we work with much more: with houses, with art, with photography, with space, we would like to work with music and films, someday with food and perhaps with means of transportation.


And what is the role of products in today´s ´online´ world of (shared) economy of experiences?

What does a piece of clothing (there is not fashion, but design or style) means today?

What, in today´s world of low salaries and big needs for incessant changing, really deserves and justifies spending our money?

And, do we still have time to look at a physical object? And figuring out things like design, quality, material, idea, culture?

We sold Inês Marques Printed Black Top from SS16 on the day of her FW16´17 fashion show. She was dressing the girls with her second collection and the first one had entered in store a few hours later, when some international traveller fell in love for this piece. I haven’t get time to know the product but it represents quite well what is our work about.

WEK´s work is about to match coloured plastic wires used on the vineyards and 3d Printed parts to close, and get an amazing bold piece of jewellery that challenges the need for noble raw materials to create statement pieces. Silvia uses a 71 Bold Necklace every day.

Stiches Dress is a black plain piece in cotton and linen, with a textured surface that divides the mat and the transparent. Is an amazing piece that can be used as a dress or a coat. In each designer and each collection, despite all the general questions about quality, I´m always trying to find a relation to my own point of view and I get very pleased when I find it, like I did with Amorphous.

IDxH Black Code 1.0  from HUSK is all I can expect from a notebook: a lot of white pages, a textured black leather cover and was made with time and care: handmade.If we are searching for concepts in clothing we are always ending on Alexandra Moura. Her Black Bomber with Laces represents me some king of deconstructed femininity for wear on the street. It´s not fashion or glamour, it´s style and identity.

I really hope nobody buys the Large Handmade Bowl, Grey and Ocher. I will take it home and put it close to the other two Lagrima products we have.

I´m always trying to find minimal, pure, essential contemporary jewellery brands. Modular Bracelet 31 by Ana Pina is a main exemplar of what a simples and clean design gesture could make.

Sunday after lunch, we find a good place, with nice chairs and quiet music, we ordered coffee and we start to read our regular pile of magazines. Discovering ideas, architecture, fashion, art, interiors, design and cities, is my daily routine. In Sundays I do the same but with paper magazines such as The Aprés Garde that I have the pleasure to sell in store. It´s our ´international guest´ of the moment.

ID Backpack is part of my daily uniform. I always use plain black essential clothes with almost no details. All my clothes are equal. Black pants, black shirts, some black sweaters, black boots and black sneakers, a winter heavy black coat with a hoodie for the rain, a few street black bombers and a couple of blazers for more institutional moments. So, when I needed something to carry thing we designed a plain, undetailed, black leather backpack.